For Movi M15 Users,

Movi M15 is a great gimbal, but it requires some attentions.

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When you turn on Movi, it will go through system check and request GPS signals. While it's acquiring the GPS signal, you have to keep movi in one position. Otherwise, it goes error and the green light blinks rapidly.


There are 4 cells in a Lipo Battery, and if one of them goes below 3.0 V, the battery dies and we have to trash them. Use the voltage reader to monitor the volage on the accesorry side. Do not go below 3.0 volt on any cells. For the voltage meter, remember that black wire goes to your left.
The one plugged into movi should be fine since movi has a safety function and the power indicator.
Also, lipo batteries are very sensitive. Please do not leave them in sun or do not leave them in charge over night. If you are on airplane, please use the fire safe bag and you must carry on the batteries


When you charge a lipo battery, you have to pay attention to few things.

1. Make sure before you plug anything in, the charger must be unplugged from the power source. Once you plug lipo battery into the charger, you can plug the charger into the wall power.

2. Plase make sure the charger settings are tne correct setting. There is white lable on my charger shows you the correct settings. Please read them before you plug in the lipo batteries.

3. Make sure you do not leave the battery over night in charge without supervision. Lipo batteries are more sensitve than regular batteries. It can catch fire if you don't treat them right.


There are 4 places to balance on Movi.

1. Back and Forth on the camera plate

2. Side to Side on the camera plate

3. Roll - Make sure when you roll your camera 45 degree on Z axis, the camera should stay in the place. If you are not getting this balanced, you can adjust the camera up or down on the side bracket.

4. Pan Balance/ Nose adjustment. This is the the one all way to the top (near the bar). You can twist the gimbal by holding the Movi bar, and gimbal should hold more or lesss in the same place. If you see entire gimbal shit one way when you twist the gimbal from the bar, it needs to go forward or backward entirely (move on the top bar).

5. Repeat the process until camera stays in middle.