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Beyond all else, I believe in a vital story about us, people, and am fascinated by real crashes within the community. I am especially inspired by the ember in one’s heart during dark times, perhaps because we are all walking between hope and fear.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Yuki has always been intrigued with Hollywood. In 2005, it would eventually land him in California where he could pursue his career in the film industry.

At Chapman University, his talent for creative storytelling grew under the mentorship of Bill Dill, ASC. While attending school, Yuki contributed to countless productions, ranging from student projects to feature films. In 2009, his work in cinematography granted him a nomination at the Cecil Awards.

After graduation, Yuki expanded his experience in cinematography by shooting numerous television shows, commercials, and music videos. His work has allowed him to travel all over the US and to foreign countries including Brazil.

Yuki’s understanding of storytelling is focused on the deep, but simple, human behavior. Cinema belongs to the language of images, and each new project is a chance to capture something human to say. (Feb,'13)